Here you will find information that covers shipping and handling policies along with transit and shipping time estimates. All USA domestic orders are shipped via USPS. International orders are shipped through USPS which will hand-off your package to you regional/local carrier once it leaves USA borders.


All orders are packed with the upmost care personally by me. This way I ensure highest quality items are released. Depending on the items different packaging materials maybe used to offer as much protection as possible. This may include the use of bubble mailers, rigid photo mailers, boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, backing boards/cards, and protective clear cellophane sleeves. ( is developing a more eco-friendly packaging plan)

Typically orders are packed within 1-3 days of order and I mail out packages each week. Orders that only contain small flat items (stickers/small prints/cards) may only be sent via letter mail and USPS does NOT have tracking services for letter mail.


Available for USA domestic orders only and are not a part of any free shipping promotion (if applicable). Expedited shipping transit times may not be honored by USPS due to the COVID-19 crisis and there could be a delay in transit times.


Shipping fees are non-refundable and I am not responsible for shipping fee prices and these cannot be adjusted. These rates are typically set by carriers, companies, and countries. Shipping fees may differ between items, weight, packaging type, and more. 

CUSTOMS AND TAXES / Heather O Studio is not responsible for any taxes and customs fees applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).


Transit times vary greatly between different regions and countries at a local level to state or country level and is impossible to estimate accurately. Domestic USA shipping times could vary between 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. International shipping times can range from 4 to 14 weeks for delivery. However due to the COVID-19 crisis all orders have heavily delayed transit times.


USPS tracking ID numbers only work reliably within the United States of America and not outside of the countries borders. Use the USPS Tracking Tool to find the location of your package.

For international orders, you are not 100% guaranteed a tracking ID number once the package leaves the USA. This is highly dependent on your mail carrier's services on how they sort, track, and delivery packages within your region. If you do receive a tracking ID number, please take note that the information of package's journey is not accurate so this cannot be 100% reliable resource. 

Orders that only contain small flat items (stickers/small prints/cards) will be sent via letter mail and USPS does NOT have tracking services for letter mail. 


It happens when a tracking ID says a package was delivered but it's not in your hands. There could be at times there are mistakes with an address that was incorrectly inputted during the order process, you moved and forgot to leave a forwarding address, or the carrier made mistake and delivered a package to a neighbor. Be sure to check with your local carrier as there are also other scenarios why your packaged was marked delivered and not in your hands.

  • The carrier accidentally delivered your package to a neighbor so be sure to check with them.
  • At times the mail carrier may pre-scan your package prior to their actual delivery date. You may need to wait for the following day for your package to actually arrive however if it does not follow up with your local carrier and ask them where their truck was during the time of the scan. 
  • Your package arrived at an old address. Double check and be sure to provide the most up to date address as you check out and be sure to update your account. If your address was incorrect or outdated, please get in touch with me. There may not be a forwarding address and it could take weeks before your package may be returned to me. If your address was correct, contact USPS to sort through the issue. 
  • This is the worst case, your package may have been sorted improperly or a mistake was made with the carrier while it changed hands (domestic or international). For domestic orders, give your 1-2 weeks to try to sort its way through the system and back to you. If, after 1-2 weeks, your parcel still hasn't arrived and appears to be lost, please get in touch with me. International customers who suspect lost packages may be asked to wait 2-4 weeks for the parcel to arrive. Most international packages do not have reliable tracking codes once they leave the USA, and customs may cause package delivery to be delayed. Typically, lost packages are just late packages that were held up by customs or the mail carrier's sorting methods.
With COVID-19 please allow for additional time for your package to be delivered or for customs to clear your package through their inspection. Mail carriers are extremely behind with their deliveries due to limitations with services in and between countries, or your package may have accidentally been misrouted and will need more time to be delivered.


If the pin design is already in production, you can pre-order to reserve for highest A-Grade pin available in that batch. Any extra goodies offered with the pin is at my discretion and not under the A-Grade quality guarantee. If you make an order that includes a pre-ordered pin along with in-stock items; you're order will go out once your pre-ordered pin is in-stock. 

Reminder that pin pre-orders are also a final sale and only a store credit can be issued.

**Disclaimer** PayPal Terms of Service does not allow pre-order items through them! Please DO NOT purchase pre-orders with PayPal!


USPS observes these common postal holidays and shipping services are inactive on or around these days. There maybe delays with shipping and delivery times. The shop will remain available on holidays however items will not be shipped out until after USPS shipping services resumes.

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Indigenous People Day (Columbus Day)
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day


Due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis there are severe delays in shipping and delivery transit times for all domestic and international orders.

Unfortunately, international packages have experienced the heaviest transit times in shipping and delivery due to low or lack of cargo flights for USPS to send packages overseas. Packages are on a long wait for available cargo flights or to be shipped via container. There could be an 8-14 weeks waiting period before USPS can hand over your item to your country's mail carrier.

USPS has made a statement that it has "suspended acceptance and delivery of international mail items to several countries." For more information please visit for service alerts and countries impacted by COVID-19 service issues.