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About StormWhisper.Shop

Based in the USA, this shop is a brand under Heather O. Studio. Selling a combination of original artworks and fan artworks, the overall goal of the shop is to be a fun and creative space for all to enjoy. You will see that theme of this store is inspired by the designer's love of video games, nature, and animals.

The shop's name comes from the designer's gamer tag but the origins go even deeper as StormWhisper is a character she drew when she was just a child. And since then the name has stuck with her and now carries it's legacy onto the multitude of products here.

StormWhisper also has a presence on Etsy. Check out the shopfront there at StormWhisperShop.Etsy.com

About the Designer behind StormWhisper

Heather is a User Experience Designer and Artist. She has over 10 years of professional designer experience and has been illustrating for much longer. Her inspirations and passions for her artwork style come from her love of technology, computer animations, and video game artistry. Her favorite medium is digital painting with help of her trusty iPad Pro & Apple Pencil which you can also watch her live stream her artwork at Twitch.tv/stormwhisper.

Recently many of her fans and supporters asked for more than just her live streams and thanks to them she had begun to open up my art to other possibilities. Now fans like yourself can have one of her art pieces as your very own!

Visit her portfolio over at Heather O. Studio

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How did you get started when making pins?

From friends and Twitch supporters, many asked for more than just watching live streams and they wanted to add my works to their collections. Thanks to them I started to open up my art to other possibilities so now fans like yourself can take one of my designs home!

What tools do you use to create your work?

It depends on the project as I use a variety of tools to get to the final design to product. Typically, I use Procreate on my iPad Pro for drawing and illustration work, and Illustrator and Photoshop for graphic design related projects.

Can you help me with my website/portfolio, brand, or tips on how to start a shop of my own or pins?

I'm always happy to help and from time to time I provide a little advice on an individual basis. Over at Heather O. Studio, I do provide user experience services relating to customer service, operations, implementations, e-commerce, marketing, and more however requests have come in for different affordable options such as in-depth one-on-one sessions to teach certain programs, evaluations towards e-commerce operations, and access to some of the resources that I use. As a result, I'm looking for "one-stop-shop" options that might work for those interested in small classes, one-on-one sessions that can help your brand grow! Visit heatheroneal.com and contact for questions.

Where do you get your products made? Can you share your manufacturers?

I don't share my sources and resources publicly due to a variety of reasons: research time, customer service between businesses, constantly switching manufacturers, QA control, affiliations, and to combat art theft. I would highly recommend doing your own research and testing out what manufacturers work for you and your products. If you are looking for UX help for your brand reach out over at heatheroneal.com

Do you take commissions?

Due to my busy schedule along with the multiple projects I work on simultaneously, I cannot dedicate the time fulfill commissions. However, I am always open for suggestions for future ideas!

Can I resell your items on an after market setting?

My artwork and products are not eligible for resale. I do not mind if you trade with other collectors as long as you do not alter my logos/backstamps, copy, or alter my work. I do not allow counterfeiting or reselling of my work.

Am I allowed to borrow your work for a project?

Not at all, for either commercial or personal use. All of my artworks have watermarks or signatures hidden within them to discourage and thwart theft.

Can I do giveaways with your products?

Not without permission as I am associated with a few charities already. I'm typically okay with doing giveaways but just ask ahead of time.

A little background

Heather O. Studio is over 10 years old but StormWhisper is turning 1 year old!

Est. 2020

Both the Etsy and StormWhisper shops started in 2020. The Etsy shop began January 2020 and the main StormWhisper shop here started in July 2020.

10+ countries

My designs have traveled to so many of you: to almost every state here in the USA and abroad to homes in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, and more!

What Customers Say

"Beautifully done. I'm always so blown away by the quality of the work."

A Tribute to the Sun Pin

"This pin is such amazing quality. Truly amazing. The colors, the way it shines. It's perfect for any collection."

Destiny Tower Bar Happy Hour Engram Drink Pin


"Amazing quality, as always with these pins!"

A Hunter's Charmed Katana Pin