Loot Gobbler!

What's a loot gobbler? The persona for those who love to collect exotic and unique loot items. Pixels here is the physical manifestation and your little mascot partner that is always hungry for treasure!

Join the Loot Gobbler's Club, feed Pixels, and earn yourself a random free pin!


Getting started is easy

Grab a membership card

When you join, you will automatically receive your Loot Gobbler Club Card with your Pixel companion. You're now able to play the game!  

Feed Pixels gold coins

The goal is to feed Pixels favorite treat, gold coins! With each order you make as a Loot Gobbler Member you will receive a gold coin sticker.

Redeem for a free pin

On your 9th order, you will receive your final gold coin sticker for Pixels along with your pin! (chosen at random)

Collect 9 Gold Coins and earn free loot!

Feed your adorable Loot Gobbler, Pixels! Earn gold coins and receive a free pin for helping your companion!


Choose between 3 editions

Standard Edition

1x Loot Card with Gold Coin sticker

Deluxe Edition

1x Loot Card with Gold Coin sticker
1x Pixel Heart pin* (*color randomly chosen)

Collector's Edition

1x Loot Card with Gold Coin Sticker
1x Pixel Heart pin* (*color randomly chosen)
1x Pixels critter pin (1.25" w/glitter details)

More to come!

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Club Program Terms & Conditions

At participating StormWhisper.shop and on StormWhisper.Etsy.com. Restrictions apply. This program is subject to revisions and cancellations without notice.


Gold Coin Stickers and the Loot Gobbler Club Card are only available through StormWhisper.shop and StormWhisper.Etsy.com. Upon joining the membership you will receive your card and your first Gold Coin sticker to help you get started.

L.G. Cards and Gold Coin Stickers are tracked manually–therefore no duplication and reprints of the cards are qualified. Gold Coins stickers can only be earn through making 9 separate orders. You can have as many items as you want in your order, but only 1 gold sticker will accompany your package.

Your L.G. card will last for one year upon purchase or until you fill your card with earning your 9th Gold Coin sticker. Once you receive your final sticker and receive your pin the card is considered complete.


Loot Gobbler Club Cards are not redeemable for cash, cannot be replaced if lost or stolen, nor are the cards refundable. There is no limit to how many cards you wish to purchase however you can only collect 1 Gold Coin sticker per order. Upon your 9th order you will automatically receive your final sticker along with your random pin which is chosen at random. (Value of the pin varies.)


Use your club card is only redeemable for merchandise at StormWhisper Shops. Rewards are earned by the frequency of how many orders made over amount of your expenditures. Club card is not redeemable for cash. Keep your card in a safe place; it will not be replaced if lost, damaged, or stolen. This program is subject to revisions and cancellations without notice. Treat this card like cash! Cards/stickers are specially made this program and assets are provided and tracked by StormWhisper Shops. Cards or assets are not to be duplicated; if any dishonesty or cheating is found, this may lead to voiding your card, voiding rewards earned, and blocks from future purchases. Card can only be redeemed once.