There are delays for both USA domestic and international shipping and delivery times due to the COVID-19 crisis. Allow for extra time for your order to arrive.

Domestic Shipping Delays

Due to the COVID-19 crisis there will be delays in shipping transit times. USPS has made a statement that you can find here for more information. Packages domestically sent could take anywhere for 3 to 6 weeks (or longer) to arrive due to the limited air carrier flights and ground containers.

Note: Expedited shipping (US Only) may not be honored by USPS and this is non-refundable by the seller or USPS. 

International Shipping Delays

International orders have also been heavily affected by the COVID-19 crisis. This has caused an overwhelming limitations for air carrier flights between the US and other countries. There are also new rules and limitations in place how and which countries are accepting packages. We have seen over 8 to 14 week waiting periods for packages to leave US borders as there are limited number of container ship and air carrier flights crossing international waters.

USPS has issued a notice that there are service suspensions now in place between countries. These restrictions will not allow outside packages to be accepted. If this happens, your carrier may hold your package for additional time or the package may return to the sender. 

Countries that are currently not accepting international mail: Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Croatia. You can check if your country is on the list at the USPS International Service Alerts page.

USPS has issued a notice that certain countries have been restricted You can check to see if your country is on the list by checking this page on USPS' website: USPS International Service Alerts

Please read and save links for reference:

Suspending all UK orders starting December 31, 2020

Starting January 1, 2021 new VAT & Brexit laws took effect in the United Kingdom. The new laws ask non-UK sellers/businesses to be responsible for collecting VAT fees as a UK resident makes an order, however with the current thresholds made into the VAT laws, many small international businesses (outside of the UK) do not meet the qualifications set. Unfortunately this means that this shop website will no longer be accepting any orders from United Kingdom residents starting December 31, 2020 until further notice. However you can order from my Etsy shop as an alternative, but there are limitations.

UK Orders accepted via StormWhisper Etsy shop ONLY

United Kingdom customers may purchase only through my Etsy shop, however there is no bolt point reward system nor access to exclusive loot listings (only found on this website). If you are interested in exclusive listing only found here please message me through Etsy or use the main shop's contact form and a custom Etsy listing will be made for you. If you wish to earn or redeem your bolt rewards, please contact with your email and order number to get the process started. You will still be able to check your bolts in your account on this website but you will no longer be eligible to earn bolt rewards automatically.


Holiday Deadlines

Holiday shipping deadlines have passed for international and domestic orders.

  • USA Domestic Deadline TBA
  • International Deadline TBA