Cosmic Dreams

A collection inspired by the blue moon, sun's flare, a star's light, and the universe!


Prices increased on Etsy

Product prices have be raised considerably higher than in my official shop due to platform fees. EU customers may use my Etsy shop as this platform can assist with collecting VAT upon checkout. (I am looking to add EU members back to my official shop) UK customers only have access to my Etsy shop due to Brexit laws.

Shipping delays & price increases

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis there are severe delays in shipping and delivery transit times for all domestic and international orders. Changes to laws in different regions and USPS permanently slowing down services can cause major delays and inconsistencies to delivery times. All packages are sent with a tracking number— if you ever notice that your package appears to be "stuck" in one place for a few days this means there is a temporary interruption at that facility. Please allow for extra time for your package to arrive—it will arrive; it's just taking longer than usual.

EU / UK & International Customers
UK and EU customers will only be able to order from my Etsy shop due to VAT laws. Select countries outside of the EU/UK will be able to use my official shop. Please note that international packages have experienced the heaviest transit times in shipping and delivery due to multiple factors. There could be an 8-14 weeks waiting period before USPS can hand over your item to your country's mail carrier. For more information please visit for service alerts and countries impacted by COVID-19 service issues and more.

Price increases in both shops
Due global production shortages, inflation, other global logistics, along with Etsy platform fees, have resulted in my shop(s) prices to increased on most items while some items have been removed to be only exclusive to my official shop.
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