About the Artist

About the StormWhisper Shop

Based in the USA, this shop is a brand under Heather O. Studio. Selling a combination of original artworks and fan artworks, the overall goal of the shop is to be a fun and creative space for all to enjoy. You will see that theme of this store is inspired by the designer's love of video games, nature, and animals. 

The shop's name comes from the designer's gamer tag but the origins go even deeper as StormWhisper is a character she drew when she was just a child. And since then the name has stuck with her and now carries it's legacy onto the multitude of products here. 

About the Designer

Heather is a User Experience Designer and Artist. She has over 10 years of professional designer experience and has been illustrating for much longer. Her inspirations and passions for her artwork style come from her love of technology, computer animations, and video game artistry. 

Her favorite medium is digital painting with help of her trusty iPad Pro & Apple Pencil which you can also watch her live stream her artwork at Twitch.tv/stormwhisper.

Recently many of her fans and supporters asked for more than just her live streams and thanks to them she had begun to open up my art to other possibilities. Now fans like yourself can have one of her art pieces as your very own!